Stumbling Upon a Hindu Festival in Kanyakumari

Sometimes it can be hard breaking off the tourist trail to discover genuine cultural and traditional aspects of a place. India is a country where this sort of thing is far more likely – every corner you turn there is a chance that you’ll come across something... Read More

My Top 5 Bars in Europe

Now this is not a list of the trendiest bars, nor a list of bars that “go off” etc. It focuses on bars that have unique ideas or themes. And it focuses on you not having to go broke to enjoy them. I also have not visited every single bar in Europe; this is a selection... Read More

Exploring the Coastal Towns of Cinque Terre, Italy

My first moments in Italy were spent exploring the incredible towns of the Northwest coast known as “Cinque Terre” (which translates to five lands. Pretty self-explanatory that one). Each year millions of tourists flock to Cinque Terre to trek the... Read More

The Surreal Ancient City of Hampi

Situated inland, in the mid-Northern part of the state of Karnataka, India, the village of Hampi has to be close to the most surreal place I have ever visited. Boasting over 500 ruin sites and an incredibly chilled atmosphere to complement them, Hampi is a location... Read More

Renting a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka

Also known as Auto Rickshaws, Trishaws or Three-Wheelers (depending on where you are), you may think that the notoriously cheeky, nippy little Tuk Tuks are only available to you as a passenger, taxi style, while trying to get around in Sri Lanka, India or other Asian... Read More

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