Stumbling Upon a Hindu Festival in Kanyakumari

Sometimes it can be hard breaking off the tourist trail to discover genuine cultural and traditional aspects of a place. India is a country where this sort of thing is far more likely – every corner you turn there is a chance that you’ll come across something... Read More

The Surreal Ancient City of Hampi

Situated inland, in the mid-Northern part of the state of Karnataka, India, the village of Hampi has to be close to the most surreal place I have ever visited. Boasting over 500 ruin sites and an incredibly chilled atmosphere to complement them, Hampi is a location... Read More

Mysuru (Mysore): Palace and Chamundi Hill

Mysuru is a city in the South of Karnataka, India and is known for its silk, sandalwood and yoga. On my two-night stopover I managed to do a whirlwind tour of Mysuru’s major attractions: Mysore Palace and Chamundi Hill. During my brief stay I was based at the... Read More

What Makes Travelling in India and Sri Lanka so Good?

Whenever I’m asked the impossible question of “what was your favourite part of the trip?” I often resort to the answer “Well, it’s hard to say but I enjoyed Sri Lanka and India the most”. Then the follow up question is, of course, “why?”. So here I have tried to sum... Read More

Emerging Hostel Culture in India and Sri Lanka

Before heading over to the sub-continent I didn’t have a great of idea of what sort of accommodation I’d be staying in. I’d seen that there were some hostels in Colombo and Bangalore, but other than that, I was in the dark. Of course, with the way these places are... Read More

Sleeping on Overnight Transport in India

I can’t sleep in economy class on planes. Barring the extra leg room seats at the front of the cabin, those cramped, poor excuses for personal space just do not accommodate my tall frame, especially when it comes to putting my head back and trying to get some shut... Read More

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