Renting a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka

Also known as Auto Rickshaws, Trishaws or Three-Wheelers (depending on where you are), you may think that the notoriously cheeky, nippy little Tuk Tuks are only available to you as a passenger, taxi style, while trying to get around in Sri Lanka, India or other Asian... Read More

Travelling by Public Bus in Sri Lanka

Due to the inexpensiveness of it all, travellers in Sri Lanka often stick to the comforts of a hired car or private tour bus, while sometimes venturing onto the infamous trains. However, if you are backpacking, moving around on a whim and want to get into the action... Read More

Sleeping on Overnight Transport in India

I can’t sleep in economy class on planes. Barring the extra leg room seats at the front of the cabin, those cramped, poor excuses for personal space just do not accommodate my tall frame, especially when it comes to putting my head back and trying to get some shut... Read More

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